letterTToday’s world is increasingly experiencing a global shaking, not just geologically, but also economically, politically and spiritually. Even so, in the midst of all the chaos and instability there is a constant. The constant is God Himself and the integrity of His Word. The message of the Gospel never changes; however, as the earth’s population rapidly descends toward deeper levels of spiritual darkness, it is vital for the Body of Christ to know how to effectively reach the nations with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

letterFFirst, it is very important to understand the current obstacles to the Gospel around the world, particularly those with Communist or Muslim controlled governments. Much of the world is going through a huge political shift with many nations increasingly resistant to missionary activity. We now hear almost daily through the news media of the rising occurrences of Christian persecution in many parts of the world. Fewer Christian workers are able to obtain religious visas, and with the global economic crisis, many are struggling to raise the support needed to relocate as foreign missionaries. For those that do enter the foreign field, the language barrier can be a huge hindrance. Without a highly qualified translator, or many vigorous years of language training, often the meaning of the Gospel is lost through the translation. These are some of the serious challenges of the 21st century in carrying out the Great Commission.

letterWWe can personally testify of these obstacles as part of our own ministerial experience. When the USSR collapsed in 1991, a miraculous window of opportunity was opened for the Gospel, which led to the conception of our own ministry. But that window of religious freedom did not remain open for very long. As the new realities began to evolve in Russia, God began to re-direct our lives. Not only did He relocate us to the United States, but He also gave us a new vision and venue of how to reach our country and all the nations for Christ through ministering to international students.

letterTThis venue of ministry is so exciting and unique because university students throughout the world are now encouraged to travel and gain global experiences before graduating and entering their fields of study. Because the United States is open to the world, more than 50,000 international students now come to the USA annually. We are witnessing firsthand how this generation of youth is ripe for harvest as every year an increase of the most promising university students come to Christ during their stay in the United States. These young people are being trained to become leaders within their own countries, and yet we have the joy of training them to become leaders in the kingdom of God through face-to-face interaction on the internet. We know through consistent discipleship that one day they will be prepared to help plant churches within their own countries. Already we hear of testimonies of how they are testifying of their new found faith in Christ despite the spiritual and political climate. This is God’s method of exponentially driving out the world’s darkness with His light!

letterGGod continues to use the United States of America as a lighthouse to shine the truth of the Gospel as He moves on the youth of the nations to come to this land to hear the message of freedom that is in Christ Jesus. The words of Isaiah 60:1-3 are being fulfilled before our very eyes on a daily basis.

"Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you. See, darkness covers the earth and thick darkness is over the peoples, but the LORD rises upon you and his glory appears over you. Nations will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your dawn."

letterIIt is our prayer that you will recognize the urgency of the hour in which we live and that you will capture the vision of this fresh and innovative avenue that has opened for us to reach the nations for Christ. We invite you to continue to explore this ministry in detail in hopes that you will consider partnering with us to reach and disciple the nations for the glory of God through your participation and support.

©2013 Nations for Christ Ministry